Esports-dedicatedchannel ESTV has been announced as the exclusive broadcastmedia partner of NFL Alumni.

The deal will include co-marketing opportunities for thenewly-established partners and will see them co-host an esports event at theSuper Bowl.

Eric Yoon, Founder and CEO of ESTV discussedthe partnership in a release: “We are excited to announce a partnershipfeaturing one of the biggest names in professional sports organizations topromote the ESTV brand and esports. Our goal with NFLA is to add to theexplosive growth of esports by bringing together professional sports figures,who are also gaming enthusiasts, with competitive gaming for fans of bothworlds to enjoy.”

ESTV will promote itself across NFL Alumni’s emails, socialmedia profiles, newsletter, and website. Launched in May, the channel “providesround-the-clock coverage of esports athletes and gaming franchises” and isavailable through Amazon, Samsung, and Roku.

Beasley Reece, CEO of NFL Alumni alsocommented: “NFLA is excited to launch our esports initiative and team up withESTV to further our mission of ‘caring for kids’ and ‘caring for our own. Manycurrent and former players are passionate gamers and others have invested inthe esports industry. By combining efforts, we can create exciting events andnew ways to raise money and awareness for charity while giving kids theexposure and resources that they need to succeed. Together we can partner tomake traditional and esports history.”

NFL Alumni is a non-profit organisation that was founded in1967, acting as an organisation for retired players. It now counts thousands ofretired figures from traditional sports among its members.

Esports Insider says: It’s hard to see the natural link betweenthese two entities, so ESTV advertising itself through NFLA feels a tad strangefrom our perspective, but we’re sure there has been some thought behind thispartnership. It seems as if the intentions are solid, however, so bravo!