Esports-dedicated channel ESTV has signed aglobal distribution deal with entertainment and technology company ESEEntertainment (ESE) to facilitate its expansion into Europe.

As per the terms of the deal, ESE will lead the distribution,management, and operation of ESTV programming through European markets.Additionally, ESTV will broadcast and promote various ESE content includingthat related to its esports team brand, K1CK.

ESTV Founder & CEO Eric Yoon commentedon the distribution deal: “We are excited to begin working with ESE and lookforward to this opportunity for ESTV to further its business internationally.The synergy between ESE and ESTV is clear, and we believe this relationshipwill further develop. ESE is expected to execute above and beyond on theirability to guide us through a major addition to the ESTV brand.

“They are allowing us to tap into a new market and we lookforward to expanding our business relationship with them in the future.” 2020

Launched in 2019, ESTV has seen its programming become availableon various digital, over-the-top video, and basic cable platforms withdistribution channels including Roku, Amazon, Dish Sling, and more. Thedistribution deal with ESE is said to offer the entertainment company access tothe US market as well as the ability to expand revenue opportunities andexposure.

ESE Entertainment CEO Konrad Wasiela added:“The distribution agreement with ESTV is a major milestone in expanding ourdistribution on a global scale. The deal will allow us to collaborate withESTV’s partners and co-distributors, which include Roku, Amazon, Samsung,Vizio, Dish Sling TV and more, especially in the United States market.

“This directly supports our expansion plan and will furtherallow us to monetize our current assets and any new opportunities we add to ourportfolio. One of our main growth drivers this year is direct sales of mediarights. Our new deal with ESTV is just one example of how we can expand reachin this business line.”

Esports Insider says: Based in Los Angeles, ESTV has primarilyfocused on the US market since launching in 2019. The distribution agreementwith ESE will offer ESTV good leverage in the European market with a key, localpartner and the additional content that is necessary.