Orlando, Florida and Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. – October 26, 2021)

Two leaders in the flourishing, multi-faceted market of Esports are joining forces to provide unprecedented access and opportunities to high school esports competitors and enthusiasts.


EsportsTower LLC (“Company”), the largest amateur training club in North America, has signed an exclusive partnership with ESTV EsportsTV to extend their wildly popular Esports Tower Rumble events to a global audience. First aired in February 2021, Rumble events were streamed on Twitch through a partnership with Boise State University. With the addition of ESTV, weekly events are expected to reach over 150,000 unique viewers weekly per game title.  ESTV is the first worldwide 24-7 live, linear video channel dedicated to esports. Launched in May 2019, ESTV provides round-the-clock coverage of esports athletes and gaming franchises from an insider perspective.

Esports Tower branded Rumble events feature amateur high school club players who want to go pro and score college scholarships while playing against top-ranked high school teams. Adding to the excitement, college partners this year have helped build out the mental health and wellness-inspired Esports Tower ApproachTM curriculum and contributed nearly $2-million in scholarship awards. Pro-teams have also started scouting Esports Tower clubs for talent, with team Kungarna announcing a tryout event planned for mid-December as the company launches its newest game – Apex Legends. Esports Tower currently offers club members live training twice weekly, along with weekly events where players test out new skills in action and gain insights from insiders about working in the fast-growing industry of esports. Current games include Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch, and Fortnite.


“Watching high-ranked players in solo-queue doesn’t tell us much. What we like about Esports Tower is we get to see players in the development phase. We watch their progress in Rumbles from week to week and ultimately their coachability.” said Dr. Chris “Doc” Haskel, Head Coach at Boise State University and 2020 College Esports Coach of the Year (NAECAD), 2020 Esports Director of the Year (NACE).  


“What I loved about talking with Esports Tower players last month is they remind me of myself. They’re eager to learn, open to critique, and unafraid to ask questions. And some of their players are better than you’d expect  – I watched as one took out top-ranked Tenz when they played at this summer’s BFC Smeag Cup hosted by FaZe BabyBay, it only happened once, but it was unexpected and made for great entertainment!” said Thomas "Trippy" Schappy, FaZe Trippy Head Coach For TheFaZe Valorant Team.


"We are thrilled to partner with Eric and the team at ESTV. Their global platform is found on family-friendly devices and viewable via Roku, Amazon Fire, Sling, and many other providers in over 45 countries," said David Adams, CEO and founder of Esports Tower. "We strive to do more than any other amateur organization to get our players seen and considered for collegiate and pro-opportunities. Partnering with ESTV is a natural step in helping our Generation-Z athletes expand their personal brand while supporting our college partners seeking to recruit top talent for their varsity teams."


“We experienced some of the highest tune-in rates when we piloted Esports TowerRumbles last month,” said, Geoff Kowalski, Chief Revenue Officer of ESTV. "Esports Tower’s gameplay is compelling, and their interviews and editorial content provides interesting and entertaining insights of what happens behind the scenes showing what players do to advance both their gameplay and goals to go pro. It will be a great addition to ESTV programming and sponsorships, given it’s appeal to elusive teen viewers and their families."


ESTV was launched in 2019 to meet the demand for round-the-clock coverage of esports athletes and gaming franchises from an insider perspective. Today, it’s the first dedicated channel for esports and gaming personalities, with programming providing round-the-clock coverage of esports athletes and gaming franchises from an insider perspective.


“ESTV’s mission is to deliver the most innovative esports and gaming programming available everywhere,” said Eric Yoon, Founder and CEO of ESTV. “As ESTV distributes the world's best esports content on a linear programming schedule, Esports Tower will be a foundational pillar in our mission to provide content for all esports fans, promote opportunities within esports and expand the presence of esports media in homes across the globe.”


The alliance follows new original programming and expanded Rumble titles offered at Esports Tower.



ESTVis the first 24-7 live linear video channel dedicated to esports in the U.S.Launched in May 2019, ESTV provides round-the-clock coverage of esports athletes and gaming franchises from an insider perspective. ESTV is available on the Roku® Channel (U.S. & Canada), Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV Plus,Dish® Sling TV, VIZIO, Rakuten TV (Europe), TCL TV (worldwide), ZEASN(worldwide), Hisense Sharp (worldwide), RAD TV (Playstation, Google TV &Android TV), EASY TV (Brazil), Select TV, TikiLIVE, XOD Global (worldwide),Simul-TV in the U.S. and international territories as well as over the air network for local media market. We are also available on Twitch, YouTube andFacebook platforms and streams live linear feed and AVOD services. ESTV partners with the world's top gaming networks and production partners for the most robust esports content lineup on linear, online and mobile. ESTV is also an exclusive media broadcast partner of the Department of Defense Joint BaseLewis McChord and NFL Alumni esports events. For more information, please visitwww.estv.co



Esports Tower's innovative teen training and tournament programs have grown exponentially to become the largest developmental esports club for amateurs in North America. With the addition of ESTV, their weekly Rumble tournament syndication broadcast initially aired by Boise State University is now expected to exceed 150,000 unique viewers per event, making their Rumbles the most-watched high school events in North America. Throughout the week, club players 13-19yrs old receive professional coaching, access to educational series, how-to webinars as well as one-of-a-kind insider access to esports professionals, college, and pro scouts. Top teams and select players can also score go-anywhere study-anything scholarship prizes along with opportunities to play pros in exhibition events such as the BFC. For more information, please visit www.esportstower.com